Saturday, February 7, 2009

Not Just the City of Champions

Hey y'all. My name is Amanda and I am a fashion student at the University of Alberta. The point of this blog is to recognize Edmonton as a fashion city and not for a redneck town. Attending the UofA gives me the privilege to see all sorts of styles, even in the coldest of weather. While my room is overflowing with clothes and heaps of empty USPS boxes, I can still manage to get dressed in the morning, and it's all thanks to the fallback outfits. Pulling all nighters in my second year as a fashion student was not what I signed up for, but with the help of American Apparel and pretty jeans on my side, I am able to still look chic and so can you. As a student working only eight hours a week, I try to look for good deals when shopping. I love online shopping, scouring ebay for vintage and jeans, Forever 21 for cheap random articles of clothing and accessories, American Apparel for basics, and Aldo for footwear. More on shopping tips later :)

It is my job to bring to you the most stylish Edmontonians and to get a sense of the mix of tastes we have going on in this beautiful city.

<3 Amanda

random mix of WAYWT acquired over a couple of months