Tuesday, April 21, 2009


H&M faux leather jacket, F21 black t-shirt, Mcq Scarf, MJ Stam, J Brand jeans, Juicy Couture shoes

• High class slums actually look like San Francisco
• Acid wash denim should definitely be tried on before purchasing
• Savage Garden is timeless...just like Chanel!
• T&T baskets are so fun to pull around
• Driving around to the other side of the mall proves difficult when it's the worlds largest mall
• When in doubt about shoe colour, just "wear a top that matches the shoe colour"
• Personally, I like the Baroque style
• Shopping for Korean Hot Pot is hard when everything is written in Korean

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Key To My Heart

( via Jak & Jil)

Kanye West and company outside the Comm Des Garçons show in Paris...brilliant.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Doctor Doctor

H&M faux leather jacket, AA cardigan and t-shirt, F21 scarf, Doc Martens, J Brand, MJ Stam

I didn't think I could pull off hot pink Doc Martens, but after seeing them on Daisy Lowe I knew I had to have them. After pondering with Kimba how many ways I could wear them, we decided on two- Black jeans and black tights. My mom found a green pair in Vegas but decided against purchasing them as I only wanted them in pink. So after seeing them on Ebay for cheap, I decided it was fate and bought them.

I wore them to the last day of Fashion Week, and it was a disappointment to the previous years I have attended. The fashion was nothing I haven't seen before..dresses with pockets, bags with chain straps, jumpers (these are totally in this summer). Nokomis, who I normally go to the fashion show just to see, didn't really have anything to show for this time around. Kelsey Mcintyre did have a gorgeous dress with a bow that I did like, but that's about it. My pictures from the fashion show were pretty blurry, as we were sitting in the fourth row. My last thoughts include: was it really necessary to have twenty cameras documenting Edmonton Fashion week? No offense, but we are years behind NY fashion week. And who starts off a fashion show with a country singer? Just sayin'.

Kelsey Mcintyre gown

442 McAdam bags

Joeffer Caoc for My Filosophy

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

If I Were A Boy

H&M faux leather jacket, Joe(boy) plaid shirt, R&R stellar jeans, Juicy Couture shoes, Ray-Ban aviators

Today was the last day of school (yay!), so I decided to bum it in my most casual outfit. Exams are starting next week and I plan on living in sweats or leggings for the next two weeks. Shh, don't tell anyone, but it's just more comfy to study in something you can move around in. I always kick off my shoes and study in my socks anyway, so I guess it's a win win.

I bought this shirt from the boys section in Superstore. I love it because a) it reminds me of lumberjacks and mandarin class b) I like the menswear feel to it. If I were a boy, I would totally wear plaid and chunky knits all day long.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dumpster Dressing

Zara jacket, forever 21 pocket tee, forever 21 scarf, diesel jeans, aldo moccassins, ray-ban avaiators

Despite being called a homeless person by my sister today, I still love this military style jacket (It's not a trenchcoat...as trenchcoats are double breasted). When I first saw this jacket in store, I was very hesistant to buy it because of it's length and I was afraid with my 5'2 frame, it would be overbearing. I actually kind of like the oversize look of it now, because it doesn't look like I am trying too hard. My shirt was tucked into my jeans at the beginning of the day..but I got lazy and left it at it's full length, which can pretty much pass off as a dress on me. Half the time I complain about my height, but I am learning to embrace it.

Risky Business

H&M black leather jacket, Gap kids (boy) shirt, F21 handwarmers, J Brand skinnies, Tory Burch flats

The weather is starting to get "warm" in Edmonton, which means I can finally give my parka a break. Spring is all about breaking out the flats and jackets you can't wear in the winter because it's too cold, or in the summer because it's too hot. I felt like dressing up like a boy, so I pulled out the black skinnies and blue dress shirt, purchased from Gap Kids. One shopping tip that I have is to always look in the mens section for oversized articles of clothing that can be passed off as women clothes, but be careful because mens clothes do tend to fit differently on women so it is best to try it on beforehand.

I know it's a little late, but Edmonton Fashion Week has started and will be running until Thursday, April 9th at the TransAlta Arts Barn. Come check it out! I will be attending the show on the last day, so I hope to see you all there!