Thursday, July 9, 2009

Magic Bag


Call me creepy, but I always wonder what people carry inside their bags. The curiosity especially applies to a man carrying a purse bigger than mine. Like what can he possibly be carrying in there that can't go into his pockets? Anyway, that we will debate on later.

So here's my stash packed into my beloved Bailey, my 2 and a half year old Camel Balenciaga City. I always tell my mom that if the house were on fire (knock on wood), that Bailey would be the first thing I grab before I run out the door. Oh wait, Oscar is second. Then I run out the door.

Inside Bailey, you will find:

+ My Marc by Marc Jacobs Makeup bag I use as a Clutch (Inside is a whole different story, but mainly consists of random napkins- what can I say, I'm a klutz, reciepts and coat check stubs)
+ Burberry Wallet (thank ya)
+ Blackberry
+ iPod
+ Juicy Coin Purse
+ Keys that were once attatched to Seasame Street Characters from a Key Chain bargained in Hong Kong..and slowly one by one they fell off. I found Big Bird the other day on the grass..the only one left is Zoe
+ Blistex Complete Moisture Lip Balm
+ DKNY Be Delicious Hand Lotion
+ Excel Gum
+ Two random pins...I'm pretty sure they are from a sex shop but I have no recollection of stepping foot in one and my friend was fascinated by all the gear, I guess


MasterMaq said...

Nice :)

The "W" pin is for WordPress, the blogging software! Geek! Heh, just kidding.

Amanda said...

omg! I think you're right. I got the pink pin from the twitter meetup hahaha!