Saturday, June 26, 2010

you made your misery my company



H&M jacket, Vintage blazer, J Brands, Payless shoes, Vintage backpack

Went shopping with Annie yesterday...only to spend about an hour in Forever 21 laughing at lethal headbands, grandma dresses and the crochet dilemma. It helps when we lay it out on the table (or stuff it under the table) like that.

I went to Healthfare to steal some free wifi before meeting up with my sister for dinner. I was so lost in thought that I ended up walking into the utility closet while looking for the bathroom. I think it took me about ten seconds to realize that the water heater was not the sink. I'm leaving Edmonton in two days, and it really hit me after saying my first goodbye that I will miss my friends, even the ones who I have fallen out of touch with. Sometimes all it takes is a wrinkled shirt to notice.

After dinner, Sharon and I caught a Edmonton Energy basketball game over at NAIT. Andrew Parker is no Chris Bosh, but the man can really dunk. Go AGP.

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